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RQ: Best and Worst Parts of the Job?

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Side note: I’ve decided to answer Reader Questions late in the week; so if you have one and have sent it to me, look for an answer on Thursday or Friday.

A reader asked me the classic questions;

What is the best part of being an SEO?  What’s the worst?

The first thing that should be understood is that there is no one thing every SEO could agree as being “the worst” or “the best” part of the job.  I’m not even sure I have a favorite/least favorite part of the job, but I can tell you a few things I really enjoy and what I really dislike.

I would have to say the thing I dislike the most about being an SEO is the complete lack of authority the position holds.  We are only advisors to the RSO.  We cannot hand out security violations or “write people up.”  We make recommendations, not rules.  Our findings have no legal or otherwise palpable consequences unless the RSO or post management decides they do.  Now- on one hand this can be a good thing if you’re the type that isn’t comfortable with responsibility.  The RSO calls the shots but also takes the blame.  For me it’s frustrating at times to see rules being broken and not being able to fix the situation on my own.

On the flip side, I’ve discussed the high level of job satisfaction I have in my current position in previous posts.  I get to travel frequently, the work I do is important, I work with awesome people, and I generally feel like the command structure I work under is competent and flexible enough that I can make a difference in both the long and short term.  The pay is great and the opportunities for promotion are above average.  I get to learn about interesting systems that not everyone is capable of understanding, and some really cool stuff that others don’t have the clearance for.  I’m entrusted with lives and property.  What’s not to like?


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  1. Very nice post. Thanks


    08/04/2011 at 23:48

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