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Post-9/11 Diplomacy: The U.S. Foreign Service on the Kojo Nnamdi Show

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The Kojo Nnamdi Show on NPR hosted U.S. Ambassador to Pakistan Cameron Munter, American Foreign Service Association (AFSA) President Susan Johnson, and Foreign Service Officer Matthew Asada.  They discuss the Foreign Service in the post-9/11 world.  The interview is a bit lengthy, but there were some interesting tidbits if you’re interested in joining the Foreign Service or if you are interested in how 9/11 affected U.S. diplomacy.

For those who are already in, most of it is well-worn (in my opinion).

The full transcript can be found here.  Among some interesting quotes,

MUNTER     12:11:40

Since that time and the recent years, I’ve been ambassador in Serbia, two tours in Iraq and in Pakistan. And I think that going to places like Iraq and Pakistan in a post-9/11 era is something that Foreign Service officers not only will think is possible, but will expect.

JOHNSON   12:37:51

Well, it’s entirely appropriate. And AFSA is very supportive of full implementation of what’s called Diplomacy 3.0 and that hiring surge for the State Department as well as for 50 percent increase in AID capacity. We are about 17 percent of the way there. That is that, since this started, we’ve increased the staff by about 17 percent on the way to that 25 percent target by 2013.

…However, looks as though, in the current situation that we’re facing, fiscal, political, et cetera, that there’s a real danger that this will be interrupted, and we will not be able to meet that target, certainly not in the timeframe of 2013. I hope that we’ll be able to keep that trend going in the right direction because it is critically important.

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24/09/2011 at 06:24

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