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Calling All Foreign Service Community Members…

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I have received a number of queries from readers inquiring about the various positions in the Foreign Service and what their job usually entails.  As a result, I am interested in arranging a series of guest posts by the various skill codes in the Foreign Service as well as EFMs.  If you are interested in participating, leave a comment or drop me an e-mail at .  I won’t ask you for your State e-mail address, but I will reserve the right to not publish your submission if I think it’s fake or disingenuous.  If you are a fellow blogger and want to post your submission on your own site I’m happy to link to it.

If there’s not a good response I probably won’t move forward, but I think this is a great chance to talk your job up (if you enjoy it) or shed some light on the realities (if you don’t).


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19/01/2012 at 14:29

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  1. Sounds like a good idea, I know I found these types of post valuable when I was joining.

    Mike Walls

    20/01/2012 at 12:43

  2. I also think it’s a great idea. I’m an EFM, locally employed at post (outside the Consulate). Don’t know if the resources, photos I share/provide by the blogposts could be interesting/helpful, but I make all the information available to other expats.

    Greetings from Recife, Brazil.


    23/01/2012 at 12:43

  3. I think it would definitely be helpful.


    24/01/2012 at 10:53

    • let me know how I could make myself helpful… It’ll be a pleasure! Regards, R.


      30/01/2012 at 18:31

      • For starters if both you and Mr. Walls would put out a similar request to mine about sharing guest posts by different specialties I think it would be good to drum up interest. Like I said… if it’s only going to be for an SEO, an IMS, and an EFM I’m not sure how much interest the project will get. On the flip side I think it’d be really cool for the FS blogging community to run such a project if it got enough participation.


        31/01/2012 at 10:59

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