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Cyberattackers Wanted!

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Reposted from threatpost, Northrop Grumman is advertising for a “Cyber Software Engineer 2” position whose job description includes to “plan, execute, and assess an Offensive Cyberspace Operation (OCO) mission.”  Interestingly it only requires a Secret clearance (to put this in perspective, all Foreign Service Officers are cleared to the Top Secret level).

Cybersecurity and cyberwarfare have been moving to the forefront of the public and government interest since the attacks on GoogleRSA, and numerous other  US technology and defense companies last year.   Various agencies have issued statements and publications about the growing trends of cyberattacks on US interests (example, PDF), and others like the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency have publically called for improved cyberattack capabilities.  On top of it all, the Defense Department considers cyberattacks an act of war.  Whether the United States is prepared or even able to launch an effective cyber-counteroffensive remains to be seen.


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