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Don’t Forget Where You Put Your Fake Bombs

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This story has been making the rounds of the DS Community lately:

OSLO (Reuters) – A wide section of the Norwegian capital’s downtown area was evacuated on Tuesday and special forces were deployed after a suspected bomb – later found to be a training device – was found attached to a U.S. Embassy vehicle.

The fake bomb was inadvertently left on the car and triggered a security alert when it tried to go through a routine check, Oslo police said in a statement.

“Our bomb squad removed the object and found that it was a practice bomb which was previously used for an internal exercise at the embassy,” the police statement said.

Coverage of the story can be found pretty much everywhere, including the Daily Mail, ABC, Time, and CBS.  While readiness tests such as this one are quite common at US Embassies around the world, this is the first time I can recall one going to wrong for such a silly oversight. I hate to rag on my colleagues, but come on guys.


Written by OSB

02/08/2012 at 12:39

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